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Electronics Hobby Shop Launched

You may skip this post if you’re not a resident of India

Microcontrollers such as AVR, PIC from Atmel and Microchip are fast becoming the choice of hobbyist for their projects. Now instead of many conventional ICs hobbyists are rather using a single MCU (MicroController Unit) for their projects due to many advantages they have.

In the recent years MCUs have become cheap too. Now you may easily get a fully functional MCU from Atmel at under Rs. 70!

Sadly that is only one dimension of its popularity if you don’t reside in those big cities, leaving some big cities MCUs are not that easily available let alone the remote areas. There are many resellers but they either deal in large quantities or at high prices both not being suitable for average hobbyists.

Seeing this, my brother has come up with a new Online Electronics Hobby Shop for average hobbyists. He has planned to make available everything (Development Boards, MCUs, LCD Displays, Programmers, and Controller Chips etc) which are otherwise not easily available to everyone.

The site is still in its infancy (Launched on 8th March 2008) so you shouldn’t expect everything to be available right now.

At present Microcontrollers, USB Programmers, Displays etc. are available.

Online Electronics Hobby Shop for Indians

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