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Designing Your Own Lightbox in Javascript

In nowadays web 2.0 world use of Lightbox is very common. While Lightbox, fancybox (similar to the former) are great scripts and have wide uses, creating a script similar to these is never a bad idea. If you learn, read on else use of one of those scripts, they’re great and easy-to-use. For those of you who haven’t heard about the script or don’t know what they do, see the following image: Chances are, you might surely have seen it somewhere or the other. These JavaScript libraries are generally used to display some content in kind of like a dialog box (modal one, for those of you who're geeks) while the rest of the content gets blackened. Looks great? Yes it does! Okay, for those of you still here I wanna confess that I didn’t put enough time knowing how those scripts actually work. I just got an idea myself the other day and thought it just might work. This is not to say that I myself have invented some new way, it’s just that I don’t know how those scripts work b