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How to Change CSS with JavaScript

HTML and CSS are the base on which all websites in the WWW have been made since the inception of the Internet. Even JavaScript has been around for decades but with the advancement in technology and refinement of User-Interface designs, it has become all the more important for the modern Web2.0 websites that have a tight and seamless server-side and client-side interaction. In today's article, we'll be learning about using JavaScript to change the CSS properties of HTML elements. There are many ways to change the styling of an element using JavaScript and depending on certain things, which we'll get to later, you might want to use one method over the other. See this article for more CSS tips and tricks. Let's get started! How to Get the Element from the DOM? There are many ways to get the element we' re trying to change the CSS or styling properties of in JavaScript like document.getElementById() , document.getElementsByClassName() and document.querySelector() . Fo