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Performing Simple String Search Using PHP and MySQL

Here it is, a post after so long! We see “Search” feature on almost all websites. Some employ third-party tools (like Google Custom Search) while others, mostly CMS based websites, have their own Search feature. The question now is, How do Search Feature Work? Answer is, it (almost always) uses MySQL (or database server’s capability. You all might be knowing that CMSs always store information in databases. So if we can search that we can very well search the whole site! So today we’re going to employ the feature of MySQL to perform simple searching. As an example we’ll be creating an Online Phonebook to illustrate this. MySQL’s Simple Search (String Matching) Query select [coulumn1] from [table] where [column2] like ‘$var%’ (For some of the basic SQL queries refer to MySQL Commands ) we’ll take a simple example to illustrate the above query. Suppose we have a table with the following rows and columns : id column-1 column-2

RevResponse, Offer Freebies to Earn Money

This is sort of a paid review. You don’t normally find me doing this but since I truly liked RevResponse at the first sight, I’m writing this. Overview RevResponse (aff. link) is one-of-a-kind of affiliate network that pays you for promoting Free Magazines, Technical Whitepapers, Software etc the topic of these materials range from Agriculture to Software Development and from Bio-Technology to Transportaion & Logistics. This means most content based website/blogs won’t have much problem finding relevant offers to promote. Since all magazines, whitepapers etc. are free, it’s kind of a Pay-Per-Lead affiliate network. The magazines, that many presume to be SPAM, are not at all spammy rather are really useful and informative. And as those are all free, it means great source of information for your visitors and income for you! Sign-Up The Sign-Up (aff. link) process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require you to fill any lengthy forms